Isle of Arrows launches for Steam on September 8 and for iOS and Android on September 6

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The island of Arrows is being launched by Steam on September 8th and coming to iOS and Android about a month later on October 6th. Even though he looks really elegant, he also has an interest in mechanics. I may cave and play this on Steam before iOS finally arrives. If you want to try this game before full release, you can get the Steam demo here. The Steam page also has many gifs that show some gameplay mechanics and the brilliant images. Have you played the demo before? Which entitles you to to work on PC or mobile platforms beginning next month?

We’ve been covering Isle of Arrows by Daniel Lutz for Square Enix for a very long time (head creative director on Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO). Daniel revealed the release date for both Steam and mobile over the weekend, as soon as he was free. Isle of Arrows is a play where the tile cards are chosen at random. This tile has several different options, including towers, additional properties, and land exploration. To work with the drawing before facing the enemy waves is your goal. Isle of Arrows will launch on Steam more than a month earlier. You may watch this game here if you missed it.


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