Is it possible that Android Auto and Spotify Car View modes are not compatible? You are not alone

  Is it possible that Android Auto and Spotify Car View modes are not compatible?  You are not alone

According to a number of reports on the Google Support forum, Spotify Car View is missing in action and doesn’t fire up when connecting the phone with Android Auto. We’ve covered lots of Android Auto issues of late, some of which are more trivial like notifications misbehaving and others that are more serious such as voice commands failing with Google Maps. This particular issue falls into the latter more serious category: not only is it bad news for music lovers, but Car View mode exists to ensure safe driving when using the app. With the service missing, it may encourage drivers to take their eyes off the road in a bid to use Spotify’s music selection tool.

Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming service, has a special mode for drivers who want to use the app safely while driving. Spotify Car View is a new app that works with CarPlay and Android Auto, the latter of which has been causing some issues with the service. Car View is designed to be simple to set up. Once connected, the finest iPhone and Android phones will display a scannable QR code that will direct you to the app and walk you through the process of pairing it with your phone through Bluetooth. However, for many Android Auto users, the Car View mode is completely missing from the screen.


  • Either way, for all you Spotify-lovers, who simply want to push your tunes onto Android-Auto’s infotainment panel, then it could be a bit of a wait. Spotify hasn’t provided any concrete details on its plans for these updates, so the best Android Auto head unit setups may be sadly lacking your favorite songs for a little while longer. For now, we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything more. Luke covers all things tech at T3. Disc golf enthusiast, keen jogger, and fond of all things outdoors (when not indoors messing around with gadgets)

  • And the possible hazard of a non-existent Car View mode is clearly being felt amongst a number of Android Auto users, with one user remarking that they, too, think it’s “dangerous and want Car View mode back.” (Disclosure: Spotify got back to users in the middle of writing this article, so the story is developing). Yes, Spotify has now apparently notified users that it intentionally removed the app to upgrade it. The plot thickens. Spotify has now informed the community that it’s “exploring a variety of new ways to deliver the best in-car listening experience for our users. We’re also retiring certain features like our in-car Now Playing View for Android, to make way for innovations coming down the track.” It’s hard to tell, of course, how much of this statement is hot air or whether there was a genuine reason to pull it for improvements. Maybe it’s a mixture of the two.