iPhone 12 Pro Max breaks 11 records, gets Best Smartphone Display award by DisplayMate

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It’s only been a few weeks since Apple launched the iPhone 12 series of phones, and since then more and more information about phones has started to arrive. We’ve seen a number of reviews over the past few days and now a new one has come from DisplayMate, which in its review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max declared the device as the best in terms of display.

By ranking the phone with the highest degree of display performance by A +, DisplayMate awarded the device the “Best Smartphone Display” award after the iPhone 12 Pro Max managed to reach a milestone by breaking 11 records or pairing an existing one. This is very impressive and compares even more favorably with the iPhone 11 Pro that at launch equaled or set nine performance records for the display.

However, even as the phone sets new records, what’s interesting to note is that it’s still not up to par with the competition when it comes to one of the most important display metrics in existence today – refresh rate. This is because the iPhone 12 series of phones still update to 60Hz even as phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OnePlus and Samsung launch panels that can go beyond 120Hz.

But despite this, as DisplayMate suggests, the panel on iPhone 12 Pro is still quite good, which with its 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR screen offering a resolution of 2778 × 1284 pixels and a peak brightness of 1200 nits with a pixel density of 458ppi is undoubtedly the best you can get your hands on right now. Proof of this is obviously the number of records the phone broke in the DisplayMate review.

Here is a list of records set by the phone.

  • Maximum: Absolute color accuracy (0.9 JNCD) visually indistinguishable from perfect.
  • Maximum: Image contrast accuracy and intensity scale accuracy (range 2.19) visually indistinguishable from Perfect.
  • Smallest: Variation of color accuracy and intensity scale with image content APL (0.2 JNCD) visually indistinguishable from Perfect.
  • Smallest: Shift of image contrast and intensity scale with the APL of image content (range 0.00) visually indistinguishable from Perfect.
  • Minimum: Peak luminance variation with image content APL image average level (1 percent) visually indistinguishable from Perfect.
  • Maximum: Full screen brightness for OLED smartphones (825 nits for 100% APL).
  • Maximum: Full screen contrast value in ambient light conditions (172 at 100% APL).
  • Maximum: contrast ratio (infinite).
  • Minimum: screen reflectance (4.8 percent).
  • Minimum: change in brightness with viewing angle (27% at 30 degrees).
  • Maximum: 2.8K (2778 × 1284) 4K visible screen resolution Does not appear visually sharper on a smartphone.

DisplayMate provided the extension iPhone 12 Pro Max, the highest grade of display performance of A +.

News Underline:

  • Apples iPhone 12 Pro Max got the A + rating from display mate.
  • The iPhone 12 Pro Max is equipped with a 6.7-inch Super Retina display.
  • The display offers a maximum brightness of 1200 nit.

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