iPhone 12 phones ship without charger and earphones in box, USB-C charger costs extra Rs 1900

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Apple has launched its own iPhone 12 series at an online event on October 13, and some of the rumors about the phones turned out to be true. Long before iPhone 12, it has been speculated by whistleblowers and various publications that the new series would not come with a charger or earphones inside the box. At the launch event, Apple confirmed that the entire iPhone Line 12 does not include EarPods or a power supply in the box. However, buyers will only receive a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Apple said it does not include any charger or EarPods with the extension iPhone 12 line-ups for environmental reasons. “Across the iPhone family, we’re removing the power adapter and EarPods that aren’t often used, but including the fast-charging USBC to Lightning cable that most people need. This reduces packaging and more boxes per shipment means fewer shipments overall. We are also moving our manufacturing partners to renewable energy. Overall, this eliminates over 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

The Cupertino giant explained that if they didn’t ship chargers and EarPods with iPhone, it would help them to consume less raw materials for each iPhone sold it. The first noticeable change was seen in the box. It was lighter and thinner due to the absence of the charger and the EarPods. Apple noted that if they supplied the phones in smaller retail boxes, the process would help reduce carbon emissions.

However, not just the new ones iPhone, Apple is also removing chargers and EarPods from the old ones iPhone, including the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and 2020 iPhone SELF. Apple’s website states that the phones will only come with a USB-C to Lightning cable and not a charger. However, Apple will charge you an extra Rs 1900 for that USB-C to Lightning cable

In India, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pros have been listed on Apple’s website. Buyers can pre-order the file iPhone 12 Pro from October 23 and the iPhone will be available from 30 October iPhone 12 can be pre-ordered from November 6th and will be available from November 13th.

Apple confirmed that the entire iPhone Line 12 does not include EarPods or a power supply in the box.

News Underline:

  • Apple has launched its own iPhone 12 series in an online event on 13 October
  • Apple said so iPhone Line 12 does not include EarPods or a power supply in the box.
  • iPhone 12 buyers will only receive one USB-C to Lightning cable.

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