iPhone 12 mini limited to 12W MagSafe charging, slower than other iPhone 12 series phones

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It’s been a few weeks since Apple’s latest launch iPhone 12, and now more information on phones seems to be making its way online, with the latest coming courtesy of Apple itself.

The company has updated its supporting documents which reveal interesting details about the iPhone 12 line-ups, including the difference in functionality between the different models in the line-up.

Apple revealed it iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max will ship with support for maximum wireless charging speeds of 15W, however, while the iPhone 12 mini will not reach such high speeds and will peak on a 12W charge.

Note that these are the fastest speeds possible and actual charging speeds will depend on a number of factors including temperature, current battery charge and system activity.

The document recommends that you first connect the MagSafe charger to power before connecting a iPhone 12. Reveal that if you hook the file iPhone Before you plug in the MagSafe charger, your phone will default to using a lower current until you remove it for three seconds. The document also reveals that the MagSafe charger will automatically set to 7.5W when charging AirPods and slower if it is charging a Qi-compliant device.

Speaking of the phone, in terms of design and appearance, the iPhone 12 mini is the most compact flagship iPhone we have seen over the years. But despite its size, it packs a lot of punch as it essentially offers all the same features as the iPhone more expensive and expensive launched together with it.

The iPhone 12 mini is equipped with a compact 5.4-inch display. The panel here is a Super Retina XDR OLED which features a Ceramic Shield glass cover on top. Under the hood, the iPhone 12 mini comes with Apple’s latest A14 Bionic SoC which has been manufactured using a 5nm manufacturing process.

For cameras, the iPhone 12 mini has a dual camera with a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera and a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera with an aperture of f / 1.6 and an aperture of f / 2.4 respectively.

In India, the iPhone 12 mini will begin retailing for an aggressive price tag of Rs 69,900 with trade-in discounts and other offers that further promise to lower the price of the phone. At this price, the phone will be put in a strong position over the competition. The device will be available for purchase from October 30 in the country.

Apple revealed it iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will come with support for maximum wireless charging speeds of 15W.

News Underline:

  • Apple revealed new information on the iPhone 12 sets of phones.
  • The iPhone 12 mini will differ from others iPhone for wireless charging speed.
  • iPhone It has been confirmed that 12 mini only supports 12W charging speed using the MagSafe charger.

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