iPhone 11 with free AirPods deal sold out, now no longer available on Apple Online Store

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The Diwali agreement for the iPhone 11 with free AirPods had finished just hours after it went on sale on October 17. Apple had announced that the deal would be available while supplies last and apparently the stocks wouldn’t last very long. When the sale of the iPhone 11 for the price of Rs 54,900 and a couple of free open AirPods, it was finished within hours. Now the iPhone 11 is available on the Apple Store priced at Rs 54,900 without free AirPods and that means the iPhone 11 at Rs 47,999 on the Amazon India website is a better option for consumers.

I don’t like the iPhone 11 on the Apple Store, the iPhone 11 sold on Amazon still comes with a charger in the box, along with a pair of EarPods.

While the price of the iPhone 11 on the Amazon India website starts at Rs 47,999, which is only for the white color variant. Other color options cost Rs 48,999. It also seems that Amazon is also struggling to keep the product in stock because unlike October 16 when delivery for the iPhone 11 was the next day, now delivery times have gone up to over 10 days.

Buyers on Amazon can also take advantage of additional discounts on the iPhone 11 using an HDFC credit card to make purchases. HDFC credit card users can get a discount of up to Rs 1750 and HDFC debit card users get a discount of Rs 1250. And if you have an Amazon-ICICI card and use it, you get 5% cashback, which in this case will be a little over Rs 2000, like Amazon Pay money.

On October 16th Theultramods Tech did a thorough comparison between the files iPhone 11 on the Apple Store and the iPhone 11 offered on the Amazon website. Now it is no longer relevant. It is clear now that if you are purchasing a iPhone 11 this holiday season, Amazon India currently appears to be a better place to get it.

When Apple started selling the iPhone 11 in India priced at Rs 54,900 and with a pair of free AirPods, the deal was sold out within hours and is no longer available on its India Online Store.

News Underline:

  • The iPhone 11 with the free AirPods deal was released on October 17.
  • The deal sold out within hours and is now no longer available on the Apple India Store.
  • For consumers, a iPhone 11 for Rs 47,999 for sale on Amazon is a better option now.

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