iPhone 11 to sell with free AirPods in Diwali sale on Apple Store, makes its effective price Rs 53400

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All online retailers are preparing to launch new deals and offers for the upcoming holiday sales. Apple is also doing this on its online store in India. Apple has announced on its website that it will include a pair of free AirPods worth Rs 14,900 iPhone 11 from 17 October. The offer is subject to the availability of the products.

The iPhone 11 costs Rs 68,300 on the Apple Store in India, so the offer actually makes its price point Rs 53,400, which is a very good price for the device.

Admittedly, this isn’t as good as the sub-Rs 50,000 price Amazon is setting for the iPhone 11, and it sure only helps users who would also have requested and purchased AirPods, but it’s still one of the best deals we’ve seen on the Apple Online Store so far. Also, understand that getting it iPhone 11 for less than Rs 50,000 in Amazon sales will be tough. There will be a rush for that deal. On the Apple Online Store, things might be a little less hectic.

For now this is the only deal Apple has revealed on its online store for the holiday season. But in the coming days it is possible that we will see more offers.

What do you think about iPhone 12? It is due to launch on October 13 and is expected to go on sale at the Indian Apple Online Store this month. It will definitely be priced a little higher than the market price of the iPhone 11, so in case you are thinking about whether you should take e iPhone 11 in one of the good deals like bundled with free AirPods or under Rs 50,000 in Amazon Great Indian Sale you can safely go along with it. It’s a great phone in 2020 and the iPhone 12 won’t change that, especially when iPhone 11 is on sale at discounted prices.

Like other retailers, Apple also announced a Diwali sale for its recently opened online store in India. Will give AirPods for free with the extension iPhone 11 during the Diwali sale.

News Underline:

  • Apple will sell the file iPhone 11 with free AirPods in Diwali sale.
  • On the Apple Online Store, iPhone 11 costs Rs 68,300 while the price of AirPods is Rs 14,900.
  • The offer will be available from October 17th.

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