iPhone 11 to sell for less than Rs 50,000 on Amazon, and to get this deal you will have to start early

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One of the successful deals in the upcoming holiday sales will be the iPhone 11 sale for less than Rs 50,000. This deal will be available on Amazon India in the Great Indian Festival Sale starting October 17th. Although Amazon has not yet revealed the exact price at which it will sell the iPhone 11, it is likely to be Rs 49,999. And to get this deal you’ll have to be quick and quick.

Because? Because it’s one of those deals that are too good to be true.

Every year, when Flipkart and Amazon organize their holiday sales ahead of Diwali, they announce some deals that are too good to be true. And in most cases they are too good to be true. What these companies do is they announce a successful deal iPhone 11 for Rs 49,999 and then only put up a handful of units for sale. So the deal is there. But it becomes a case of lottery and luck. It becomes a contest where only a handful of people win.

But all that aside, it is true that the iPhone 11 will go on sale at an amazing price in the upcoming Great Indian festival Sale. The key question then is: how is it achieved?

You will get the file iPhone 11 for Rs 49,999 being quick and up front. There is no other way. There will be a great rush for this agreement. There may not be enough units for sale and the deal could be claimed in minutes. So just to give yourself a better chance, do it at least: Get an Amazon Prime account. It is free for this purpose.

Amazon Prime free for 1 month

The iPhone Agreement 11 opens on October 17th. But for Amazon Prime members the sale will start a day earlier. So, you will have a head start and a better chance of getting the phone if you have an Amazon Prime membership. To achieve this:

– Log in to Amazon using your account and sign up for Amazon Prime. The service is being tested for one month.

– During registration, Amazon will ask you for your credit or debit card details. Give them.

– Amazon Prime membership costs Rs 999 per year, but don’t worry as Amazon won’t charge you until you have completed the trial month.

– When your Prime membership to access the iPhone 11 deal soon.

– Hope your luck holds up and buy the phone. Get it delivered.

– You can now go back to your Amazon Prime account settings and cancel your subscription.

– You will not be charged if you cancel the trial before the end of the month.

– Just for good measure, remove your credit or debit card from your account settings. To do this, click on the payment options in your account settings and remove the card details by clicking on the card and then the Remove button.

Amazon India will sell the file iPhone 11 for under Rs 50,000 in the Great Indian Festival Sale. But expect a rush for it and if you want this deal you’ll have to be quick.

News Underline:

  • Amazon will sell the file iPhone 11 at a price below Rs 50,000.
  • The exact price has not yet been revealed, but it is likely to be Rs 49,999.
  • The iPhone 11 will be sold at this price in the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale.

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