iPhone 11 in Amazon sale VS iPhone 11 from Apple Store, this comparison is a little complicated

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If you want to buy a really good one iPhone at the best possible price, now is the time. The iPhone 11 is on sale at discounted prices on both Amazon India and the Apple Online Store. Apple has reduced the price of the iPhone 11 after the launch of iPhone 12, which among other things does not remove that iPhone 11 is still a great phone. The price of the iPhone 11 was reduced to Rs 54,900 on the Apple Store. Meanwhile, Amazon India is selling the iPhone 11 for Rs 47,999 in the Great Indian Festival Sale.

From the price itself it seems that the Amazon deal is better. After all, you save Rs 7000 with it. But there’s more. As part of its Diwali sale, Apple is giving away a pair of free AirPods with the extension iPhone 11. This complicates it.

Well, the choice between these two offers gets even more complicated once you take a closer look. Here’s what you get from Amazon and Apple in their sales.

iPhone 11 for Rs 54,900 on the Apple Online Store

– When you buy Apple iPhone 11 from the Apple India Store, you pay Rs 54,900.

– Along with your phone, you also get a pair of free AirPods as part of a limited time offer. Now, AirPods cost Rs 14,900 with the charging case. This is MRP. But if you buy from a website like Amazon India, you can get them for Rs 11,999. So let’s assume this is the value of what Apple offers for free with the extension iPhone 11.

– Free AirPods means the actual price of iPhone 11 on the Apple Online Store is around Rs 43,000.

– But at the same time, you don’t get a charger with the extension iPhone 11 purchased from the Apple Store. Apple removed the charger and the EarPods – from iPhone boxes as part of its commitment to reduce electronic waste. Only the charging cable comes with the iPhone 11.

– This means you may need to purchase a USB-C charger with the extension if you don’t already have a compatible charger iPhone 11. From the Apple website, it costs Rs 1900.

– So assuming you need a charger with yours iPhone 11 and you also need earphones, if you buy the iPhone Apple’s Apple will have to spend at least Rs 56,800. In return you will receive a iPhone 11 (64GB), AirPods and a charger for the phone.

Now, let’s take a look at the Amazon deal

– Amazon is selling the iPhone 11 at a discounted price of Rs 47,999.

– Amazon says it is iPhone 11 comes with EarPods and charger in the box. Basically, it’s a retail unit that was already on the market before Apple announced the package content change.

– So at Rs 47,999, from Amazon you get the iPhone 11 (64GB), a pair of EarPods (wired connectivity and sound not as good as AirPods), and a charger.

– But an additional discount is available. If you use an HDFC credit or debit card to make your purchase, you also get an extra discount up to Rs 1750. Basically, with your credit card you get a discount of Rs 1750 and with a debit card you get a discount of Rs. 1250.

– This means you can pay Rs 46,249 for the iPhone 11.

So which is the best?

We told you it’s complicated. It all comes down to this thing: you need AirPods. If you do, the iPhone 11 on the Apple Online Store is a better deal. But you don’t save that much. Even if you buy the iPhone 11 from Amazon India, and then buy AirPods separately, you’ll likely end up paying Rs 1,000 or more.

But in case you don’t want the AirPods or you don’t want them right now, the iPhone 11 on Amazon is a better deal. Not only do you pay less, but you also get a simple but good enough charger and pair of earbuds.

One of the best phones to buy in India right now is the iPhone 11 due to the discounts it is getting from both Amazon and Apple. But each deal has its advantages and disadvantages.

News Underline:

  • Apple is selling the iPhone 11 in his online shop for Rs 54,900.
  • While the price tag is high, Apple offers free AirPods with iPhone 11.
  • Amazon is selling the iPhone 11 for Rs 47,999 and there are other benefits as well.

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