iPhone 11 for Rs 47,999 in Amazon sale comes with earphones and charger in box

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Despite the launch of the new iPhone 12 series, from Apple iPhone 11 is expected to remain one of the company’s best-selling devices going forward. There are many reasons for this, but the most important is probably the fact that it’s still a great phone, one that offers great value for money.

And with the launch of the new iPhone 12, Apple has revised the price of the device, making it an even better buy for anyone looking to buy a new one iPhone at a respectable price. During the ongoing sale of Amazon’s Great Indian Festival, the company will sell the iPhone 11 for Rs 47,999 in India, which is actually Rs 7,000 less than the revised price on the Apple Store.

However, to make the deal even sweeter, for those who buy the iPhone 11 during the Amazon sale, Apple will also include earphones and chargers in the box. This will be a big relief for buyers as Apple had previously confirmed that it won’t ship these accessories with any of its new or older phones, including the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and even the iPhone SELF.

The company had explained its decision as a move to reduce carbon emissions as removing the accessories from the box will significantly reduce the size of the shipping box and help Apple save the environment.

The company had already updated this information on its website, revealing the accessories included in the box of these phones to only include a USB-C to Lightning cable. But apparently, the iPhone 11 actions available with third-party retailers like Amazon still include chargers and earphones in the box, making this an even better deal than what you can get from Apple’s online store.

So, if you are purchasing the iPhone 11 from Amazon, you not only get it for Rs 7,000 less than what you might find on Apple’s website, but as well as get extra accessories in the box as well. This actually makes it a brilliant deal that shouldn’t be let go if you’re planning on getting your hands on a new one iPhone 11 for a while.

But is not so. When purchasing the phone from Amazon, the company also offers a discount in partnership with HDFC Bank, whereby buyers can get an additional Rs 5000 discount while making purchases using an HDFC credit or debit card.

Apple had previously announced that it would stop shipping chargers and earphones with not just the new one iPhone 12 but also the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and the iPhone SELF.

News Underline:

  • Apple will ship chargers and headsets with iPhone 11 on purchases made through Amazon.
  • This appears to be available on stock available with third party resellers.
  • The iPhone 11 is available for Rs 47,999 on Amazon during the sale period.

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