iOS 14 bug draining iPhone battery, can be fixed by phone reset

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Lot of iPhone users report that after updating their phones to iOS 14, the device’s battery is draining very fast. Some have claimed that within an hour they are losing almost 50-60% of the battery. In extreme cases, many claim to lose nearly 90% of the battery in an hour.

While the mileage of how much a iPhone is draining battery after iOS 14 upgrade will change from user to user, the number of people reporting the problem means it’s real. And it’s new too, so Apple didn’t fix it with iOS 14.01, an update that was launched several days ago.

Apple recognized the problem. On a page listing possible bugs with iOS 14 and WatchOS 7, Apple notes that after updating their devices, users may see “Increased battery drain on your iPhone or Apple Watch. “

So what’s the solution?

The fix is ​​simple but not very convenient. Apple suggests users to reset their devices. Here’s what the apple suggests:

– Open the Settings app.

– Tap General, then tap Reset.

– Tap Erase all content and settings.

And once that’s done, Apple recommends restoring the file iPhone from the backup. Then you will get more or less the same phone and data that you had in the file iPhone before recovery. For this, the process is:

– Turn on yours iPhone and restore it from your iCloud backup.

If you also have an Apple Watch and reset it, follow:

– Once reset, open the Watch app on your iPhone.

– Tap Start Pairing and wait for pairing to complete.

– Tap Restore from backup and choose the most recent backup to restore.

The whole thing is quite simple. No it is not. Resetting a device is always a hassle. At best it takes time and at worst it is cumbersome. So unless battery drain is really bad for your file iPhone after the iOS 14 update, we recommend that you live with it for a while. As Apple is aware of the issue, it is likely to release an updated iOS 14 soon and that should fix the problem.

A new bug in iOS 14 is leading to faster battery drain for iPhone users who have updated to the latest version of iOS. Thankfully, there is a solution even if it’s not very convenient. Restore the file iPhone to solve it.

News Underline:

  • Users who have updated the iPhone for iOS 14 report faster battery consumption.
  • The iPhone bug can be fixed by resetting the device.
  • Apple’s iOS 14.01 update does not address battery drain.

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