iOS 14.2 is Released With Intercom, Music Recognition, and More

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Apple released iPadOS and iOS 14.2 on Thursday, bringing customers new wallpapers, new emojis, intercom, and a music recognition button in the Control Center. You can update in Settings> General> Software Update.

iOS 14.2

Revealed on World Emoji Day in July, iOS 14.2 brings Emoji version 13.0 which includes symbols like nesting dolls, pinched fingers, bubble tea, beaver, transgender symbol, coin, ninja, and more.

Later, as Jeff Butts reported in September, iOS 14.2 adds a Shazam music recognition button in the Control Center. Since it’s a built-in feature, you won’t need the Shazam app anymore.

Another upcoming feature is the intercom that Apple showed its iPhone 12 events. Allows family members to share voice messages via a HomePod, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and even CarPlay. Activate by saying “Hey Siri, Intercom”, then say your message. Send a message to everyone at once or to a specific person.

Speaking of HomePod, with iOS 14.2 you can set it as a speaker for your Apple TV 4K without having to re-enable the setting every time you use it.

AirPods owners will be delighted that optimized battery charging comes with this version. Monitor your usage habits to figure out the best time to give yourself a full charge, extending battery life.

Apple Card owners will see a new annual spend option to analyze how you spent your money during the year.

There are tons of other features like people detection in Magnifier, headphone sound level notifications to protect hearing, new AirPlay contours, and lots of bug fixes.


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