Intel’s new PC vs Mac announcement involves a “social experiment” with Apple Supporters

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The video begins with a lot of Apple fans only interested in Apple products and Intel is trying to change that point of view. The supposed Apple fans are led into a room that resembles an Apple Store and gives the impression that they are being shown new Apple products, but the devices are actually PCs with Intel processors.

Intel today posted a new ad called Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment. In the four-minute video, Intel invites 12 alleged Apple fans to a focus group in which features of “upcoming devices” are presented, which are actually PCs that are already on the market.


  • Apple started releasing Macs with Apple-designed M1 chips in November, and Apple silicon technology will eventually replace all of the Intel chips that Apple has used in its Mac lineup for years. Intel seems to be struggling with Apple’s transition. Last week the company launched an anti-M1 Mac ad campaign starring Justin Long, and now Intel is putting its hopes on.

  • Corresponding Intel’s Ryan Shrout, the display shows the “real” reactions of each participant instead of scripted ones. “It is surprising to see how many people who use technology are still not aware of the capabilities of the personal computer,”

As part of its wave of attacks on M1 Macs, Intel launched a “PC vs. Mac” website this week, heavily biased in favor of Intel-chip PC machines and making questionable claims about Apple’s M1 Mac range . The Intel website says Apple’s M1-Mac benchmarks do not “translate into real-world usage” and that compared to Intel PCs the 11th