Instagram users can livestream up to 4 hours, new features for Live videos

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Live streams became immensely popular for many artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Platforms like Instagram allow users to live stream to connect with audiences, promote awareness, or just for entertainment. Knowing the importance of the live broadcast feature, Instagram has now increased the time limit for live video.

In a recent announcement on Twitter, the company has released three new updates for its Live feature. These are: one, “You can now go live for up to 4 hours”, two, “You can save your lives for 30 days before they are deleted” and three, “You will start seeing a” Live now “section in the ‘IGTV app and on Explore so you can discover other lives. “

All three of the new updates seem useful for active Instagram users, especially those who go live on the app very often. The 4 hour live video will come in handy for broadcasting any event. Previously, live broadcasting was allowed for a maximum of one hour.

Likewise, the social network will allow users to archive Live sessions for 30 days before they are deleted. So now, along with Story Archive and Post Archive, users can also put the Live Archive option in service.

The latest update that was released in the context of Instagram’s Live feature is the live video search section. This is in agreement to increase the discovery of live videos available on the app. Users will receive a new “Live Now” section within the IGTV app to explore more live streaming content.

Significantly, Instagram and Facebook Messenger also introduced cross chat messaging functionality with its new update. In addition to combining chats from two social networks, the new update introduces features from Facebook Messenger on Instagram. Read the full story here.

Instagram has extended the time limit for live video for users. Previously, live broadcast on Instagram was allowed to a maximum of 1 hour which has now been raised to 4 hours.

News Underline:

  • Instagram announces three new updates for its live video feature.
  • Instagram increases the time limit for live videos to 4 hours.
  • Instagram also introduces the Live Archive feature to save live sessions up to 30 days.

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