Instagram expands shopping to IGTV, Reels to get feature later this year

Instagram announced the global expansion of the shopping service on IGTV. The Shopping feature will allow users to monetize their Instagram base and also sell products directly to their followers. Furthermore, users can make longer IGTV videos to attract viewers.

According to reports, IGTV users can complete the purchase within the app via in-app checkout or they can visit the seller’s website to make the purchase. For convenience, shoppers choose to shop within the app through which Instagram can claim the seller’s commission. However, Facebook had previously noted that it will not charge the seller’s fee until the end of 2020.

“Digital creators and brands help bring emerging culture to Instagram, and people come to Instagram to get inspiration from them. By bringing shopping to IGTV and Reels, it’s easy to buy directly from videos. And in turn, helping sellers to share their story, reach out to customers and make a living, ”Instagram COO Justin Osofsky said in a statement.

Instagram also announced that TikTok Reels’ rival will also be monetized by the end of the year. TikTok had already begun testing the e-commerce aspect last year by allowing users to add links to profiles and features. With the current situation in the US, TikTok’s future looks risky and Instagram monetizing Reels could prove beneficial to the platform.

Instagram has a dedicated Shopping channel, launched in 2018, which can be accessed via the Explore section. As of now, Instagram users can view products and make purchases on IGTV, Instagram Live, posts and stories.

Facebook launched Facebook Stores earlier this year. “Our business model here is advertising,” Zuckerberg said during the Shops launch. “Rather than charging businesses for stores, we know that stores are valuable to businesses. In general, they will do more for the ads and eventually we will make money that way. “

Facebook is looking to further monetize Instagram as it has now globally expanded Shopping to IGTV and will roll out the feature to Reels later this year.

News Underline:

  • Instagram has extended shopping globally to IGTV videos, which can now be longer.
  • Instagram Reels will also receive the Shopping feature later this year.
  • As of now, users can make purchases on IGTV, Instagram Live, posts and stories.