Insider teases the surprise update for Apple iPhone 14 pro

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May 30 update. There are more leaks about the upcoming software-fest that is WWDC 2022 and how it will affect the iPhone 14 Pro and beyond. For a start, Gurman has doubled down on several other reports, saying, “As I’ve discussed previously, other iPhone 14 Pro features include a new front-facing camera and Face ID cutout, an A16 chip and a 48-megapixel back camera. There’s also the possibility of sending emergency texts over satellite networks.” That last one is a particular doozy, and one that was suggested could happen last year on the iPhone 13 Pro and, believe it or not, the Apple Watch. Neither came to pass but maybe 2022 is the year for this significant upgrade. It would mean that if you were hiking in the back of beyond where no regular cell signal was accessible, you could send an emergency text message via satellite. Very cool.

The next major iPhone software upgrade, iOS 16, will be announced during Apple’s special event in 2022, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The keynote will be a pre-recorded event with an in-person contingent: it will be webcast to a limited group of developers in Cupertino and the rest of the globe at the same time. It may contain Apple’s most significant new product category announcement in over eight years.


  • In other words, something that’s leaked on iOS refers to its sister iPadOS and leads analysts to believe that the holy grail for iPad upgrades is on its way: full-on multi-window capabilities like you get on the Mac. This is very big news, and Gurman has reiterated what’s mentioned above, saying, “I’m expecting major changes to windowing and multitasking, particularly on the iPad. This was affirmed by a finding from Steve Troughton-Smith, which hints that Apple is building support into its web browsing framework for better windowing support.”

  • Additionally. some of the latest reports corroborate what Mark Gurman has said about iOS 16. Steve Troughton-Smith, for instance, says that “WebKit just added infrastructure for a ‘multitasking mode’ on iOS that sure looks like it’s a system toggle that enables freely-resizable windows.”


This would be a very big deal, and since it’s been a long time coming, with gentle movement in that direction improving the overall experience, a big final step like this would be very welcome. As Troughton-Smith says, “If they’re really heading this direction w/ iPad, this would enable all-new form factors for iPadOS. Larger iPads, iPadOS laptops and desktops, ext monitors, more. You can see how Catalyst-optimized apps just light up in iPad’s new multitasking mode — a full ‘desktop’ experience.”


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