Inside football league where fans call shots

Martin RogersFOX Sports columnist

Remember those times when you yelled at the screen of a professional or college football game, lamenting the choice to play, condemning the refusal to go for two, cursing the offensive coordinator and wondering why they were satisfied (or not) for a basket?

If so, FCF – short for Fan Controlled Football – could be the solution to those eternal frustrations of the weekend grid, offering, as the name clearly suggests, a chance for armchair fans to dictate how you play.

It’s a clever concept that has a futuristic feel to it, and before it even starts this Saturday, the idea has a certain level of intrigue, the kind of spark that has inspired several NFL players, rappers, and a professional wrestler to join as partial owners. . and Johnny Manziel to resurface and play quarterback for a team called the Zappers.

The official logo of the Zappers, who will play in the Fan Controlled Football League.

“It’s great and it’s a way to reinvent sport for the digital age,” social media influencer Josh Richards told me over the phone. Richards, who has 38 million followers on social media platforms and has vowed to become the first influencer …

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