Infinix Note 7 review: Large screen, small price

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Infinix has added another budget smartphone to its arsenal with the Infinix Note 7. The Hong Kong-based smartphone maker has been trying to carve out a niche in the mainstream market with phones priced under Rs 15,000 and around Rs 10,000. And while the budget segment is one of the toughest markets in India right now, it’s good to see Infinix pushed the boundaries with each new release.

The new Note 7 features a large screen that can easily pass as a phablet and a new design similar to the OnePlus 7T. Inside is a good Mediatek processor, designed to handle demanding games, and a four-camera setup on the rear. All the features and the new design are priced at Rs 11,499.

By now this might seem like a perfect deal for customers. But there’s more to a phone than a big screen and a good price.

Infinix Note 7 review: design and display

With the Note 7, Infinix has finally released the kind of design that I believe will appeal to users a lot. It does it for me. In all previous releases, Infinix has stuck to a rectangular camera module, but with Note 7 there is a new version. The new design is eerily similar to the OnePlus 7T’s design, along with a hint of 3D texture that the Note 7 comes with.

The Infinix Note 7 feature has a glossy finish that also makes it a fingerprint magnet and a bit slippery. I would not recommend using it without a cover because it is a phone that risks slipping out of sweaty palms. There is a cover that Infinix bundles with the phone so that you can at least use it.

I have not been a fan of Infinix’s color selection. For review, we received the forest green color which is too flashy for me personally, but there are better black and white color options, so you can choose them for a more premium and decent look.

Note 7 has a decent build for its price. The plastic back doesn’t look cheap at all. The buttons on the right side are well placed and show good quality. There’s a side-mounted fingerprint scanner that doubles as a power button right below the volume rockers. That said, it’s slightly thicker and heavier than most phones at this price point.

I’ve always been a fan of the display panel that Infinix uses in all of its phones and the Note 7 doesn’t disappoint either. The 6.95-inch HD + resolution display here is good for its price. Viewing angles are great and even in daylight, the brightness is adequate for users to read something on the screen. I enjoyed watching movies and web series on Note 7.

Infinix Note 7: performance and battery

The Infinix Note 7 is powered by a Helio G70 processor designed for gaming enthusiasts. I have tried playing some games including Asphalt 9 on the phone. Performance in games is good, and with long gaming sessions I found that the games ran smoothly. However, it also heated the phone. In less demanding games like Ludo King the phone worked fine.

Note 7 is a decent phone for everyday use. There are no visible delays when switching between apps, the processor is not the fastest but it does help users juggle apps and that too quite smoothly.

However, the constant app notifications from the pre-installed bloatware are annoying. When you leave the phone unattended for a longer period, you will find the notification panel exploding with alerts. This is irritating if you are in the middle of a movie or if you are composing an email.

This is exactly where Motorola and Nokia phones stand out for its stocks-android regime.

The Infinix Note 7 houses a 5000mAh battery and the battery life is good. It can last two days on a single charge if you’re a moderate user, but if you have a watch time of something like six or seven hours, it won’t last more than a day and a half. Given the large size of the phone, I was expecting a bigger battery here. It also doesn’t come with a USB Type-C charger but a MicroUSB port. The charging process is extremely slow and even the 18W charger doesn’t help here, but it’s still better than the 10W charger. It’s time for Infinix to bring fast charging to its phones.

Infinix Note 7: camera

Infinix has a four-camera setup on the back that uses a 48-megapixel main camera sensor, a 2-megapixel depth sensor and a 2-megapixel macro sensor, and a dedicated 2-megapixel camera, which is baffling. Inside the circular module, there is also a four-LED flash configuration to light up your images.

The main camera captures decent images, especially in daylight. They are sharp and the colors are bright. If you are a fan of natural colors, you may feel that the Infinix Note 7 is lighting up the images too much. I find that everything is fine. The macro sensor struggles to capture details in photos.

Low-light images are a bit grainy and blurry, but you can always use the four-LED flashlight. Still, the photos taken in night mode were decent enough but don’t expect too much detail. You can’t expect a special night mode like the one we saw in the Moto E7 Plus which also has a 48-megapixel camera, but the Note 7 somehow gets the job done. Let me explain better using some of the images I had captured.

– The photo of a stuffed animal on top of a bookcase was taken in a well-lit room. If you notice, the image turned out well with a lot of detail captured. The fur of the plush is captured well.

– The image of the little flower was captured in macro. Although the camera managed to blur the background, it somehow failed to capture the details.

– Next is a picture of a birthday cake. The photo was not taken in a well-lit room, the only light source in the photo was the candles that were mounted on top of the cake. The emphasis is on the cake and the camera successfully captures the effect created by the burning candles.


The Infinix Note 7: should you buy it?

At a price of Rs 11,499, the Infinix Note 7 performs as well as any phone in this segment and even better than others. It uses a decent processor to drive the show and has a quad-core camera setup that captures crisp images. However, if you prefer compact phones then this is not for you considering it is a phablet. But if you spend most of your time watching Netflix on your device, you should definitely consider this as the viewing experience would be too good.

Overall it’s a decent phone, but aside from the big screen, there’s not a whole lot going on. Phones like the Redmi Note 9 Pro, the Realme 7 and the Moto E7 Plus are better.

Infinix Note 7 review 7.5 / 10


  • Screen
  • Design
  • Price


  • Camera in low light conditions
  • No USB Type-C

The Infinix Note 7 comes with a good Mediatek processor and a four-camera setup on the rear. It’s also cheap and big, but these features are pretty good. India today Tech explore in the review

News Underline:

  • The Infinix Note 7 is priced at Rs 11,499 in India.
  • The Infinix Note 7 comes with a fresh design and a new processor.
  • The Infinix Note 7 is equipped with a 48 megapixel main camera that captures clear images.

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