Indie game demos will be available next week as part of the ID @ Xbox event

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The ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event will run from June 21 through June 27 and includes over 30 game demos for gamers to try out. In the blog post announcing the event, Xbox reminds readers that these are the equivalent of “show floor” demos and are a work in progress. Each of the participating demos will only be available during the days of the demo event and will be taken down after. Because these games aren’t complete yet, the blog also asks players to share their feedback with developers to help make the best game possible.

We’ve seen an inordinate quantity of trailers for exciting forthcoming games this week, many of which come from brilliant independent creators. We can even get our hands on playable slices at events like Steam’s Next Fest to have a better understanding of what these games are and how they play. Starting next week, Xbox will once again offer playable demos for independent games as part of a week-long event in which console gamers may immerse themselves in the near future of indie gaming.


  • Xbox isn’t ready to share the full list of games for the event yet but did provide four titles that will be included. Some of these game demos are available through Steam Next Fest (or are out on PC already), so if you have a capable PC and can’t wait until next week, you can take a peek at these games early. John likes to think of himself as a gaming Jack-of-all-trades. He’ll give any game a shot just to know what it is. In his free time he can likely be found shuffling up Magic cards or trudging through an RPG.


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