India’s power consumption grows by 41% in April

India's energy consumption grows by 41% in April

Business News: India’s power consumption grows by 41% in April.

Electricity consumption in the country increased 41% in April to 119.27 billion units (BU) compared to the same month last year. This indicates a robust recovery in industrial and commercial demand for electricity and data from showed the Ministry of Energy.

Electricity consumption in April last year was 84.55 BU.On the other hand, the peak of electricity demand, or the highest supply in one day, during the first half of this month remained well under above the highest record of 132.20 GW in April 2020.

In April of this year, the peak of electricity demand, or the highest supply in one day, reached the highest level of 182.55 GW and recorded growth of almost 38% compared to 132, 73 GW registered in the same month in 2020.

Energy consumption in April last year had dropped to 84.55 BU from 110.11 BU in the same month of 2019. This was mainly due to lower economic activity following the government’s imposition of the blockade in the last week of March 2020 to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19) .

Similarly, the reached maximum power demand or highest energy supply in one day plummeted to 132.73 GW in April last year. from 176.81 GW in the same month of 2019, demonstrating the impact of the blockade on economic activities.

Experts believe that the high growth in energy consumption and demand in April was mainly due to base erosion last year due to fewer economic activities that proved to be a drag on commercial and industrial electricity consumption due to of the block.

They said: “Now the high growth rate of energy consumption has shown a healthy recovery in commercial and industrial demand.” However, they warned that local blockades across the country to curb the wave of Covid-19 positive cases could negatively impact commercial and industrial energy consumption in the coming months.

After a six-month gap, energy consumption had grown 4.6% year-on-year in September and 11.6% in October. In November 2020, the growth in energy consumption slowed to 3.12%, mainly due to the early onset of winters. In December, energy consumption grew by 4.5% while it was 4.4% in January 2021.

Energy consumption in February of this year recorded an increase to 104.11 BU compared to 103.81 BU last year, despite 2020 being a leap year. In March of this year, power consumption grew nearly 23% to 121.51 BU compared to 98.95 BU in the same month of 2020. During the full fiscal year 2020-21, power consumption is dropped 1% to 1,271.54 BU from 1,284.44 BU in 2019-20