Indians are shopping iPhone at higher prices than ever, second Apple

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“We also saw June quarter revenue records in both developed and emerging markets with very strong double-digit growth in Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and a near doubling of revenue in India,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive officer during the company quarterly earnings call. Also Read – Amazon Prime Day Sale 2022: Dates, deals, and offers in India announced

People reported seeing a lot of enthusiasm for other goods as well as the iPhone. In other words, more Indians than ever are purchasing iPhones. Apple’s June quarter earnings, which were released on Thursday, exceeded expectations. Apple’s revenue for the months of April, May, and June portrayed a more positive image because the effects of the global economic slump are being felt across almost all businesses. Particularly for India, where Apple’s revenue “almost doubled” in the previous quarter. Apple claimed to have observed a lot of enthusiasm for the iPhone and other goods. In other words, more Indians than ever are purchasing iPhones. Also read: Why buying iPhone cases is a waste of money, according to Apple


  • Apple iPhone sales in India grew mainly due to two factors. First, Apple, over the recent years, has bullishly started manufacturing top iPhone models in India. While that has not exactly translated into lower prices (considering import duty is no longer the same as before), it has managed to convince more buyers to get themselves a “Made in India” iPhone.

  • Cook did not share specific numbers, but he mentioned there is a “great enthusiasm for our products and services, resulting in an all-time record for our installed base of active devices.” Apple no longer shares unit sales of its products, so it is hard to guess how many iPhone units the company managed to sell during the previous quarter in India. However, cumulative earnings for the fiscal Q3 2022 are as follows: Also Read – Captain America Chris Evans says goodbye to his iPhone 6s with a touching tribute

The second factor is aggressive discounts by sellers. Online shopping websites, as well as Apple Authorised Reseller stores, have been competing to dole out the best discount offer on the iPhone and other Apple products. They end up making the products more attractive in terms of value. Apple’s iPhone SE with 5G also helped the company pull in some revenue, but, according to CMR India, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 accounted for the maximum sales.


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