Indian police visit Twitter offices after being labelled a “manipulated media”.

Indian police visit Twitter offices after being labelled a “manipulated media”.

Business News: Indian police visit Twitter offices after being labelled a “manipulated media”..

Delhi police, controlled by the Indian central government, visited two offices on Monday evening Twitter – in the national capital of the state of Delhi and Gurgaon, in the neighboring state of Haryana – to search for more information on Twitter

An hour after the search attempt, the Delhi police special cell team, which investigates terrorism and other crimes, was let loose on Twitter. Twitter employees to interact with at the premises, according to live broadcast from several local news channels.

Congress complained Twitter that the documents were forged – leader Twitter to mark some of the posts – including one by Patra – as “manipulated media”.

According to a Reuters report, Delhi police said on Monday that they had received a complaint about how Patra’s tweet was classified and then made the visit to Twitter. Delhi police say the visit was part of the investigation to notify the company’s CEO.

“This was necessary as we wanted to ascertain who was the right person to notify a notice (a), as the responses of Twitter India MD was very ambiguous, “a police statement said, referring to the CEO of the company.

“It seems that Twitter has some information unknown to us on the basis of which they have classified it as such. This information is relevant to the investigation, “the statement added.

Under Twitter rules, apply “manipulated media” tags to posts if it includes “media (video, audio and images) that have been altered or fabricated in a deceptive way”.

Twitter he did not specify what content he removed, but the media says it included a tweet from a West Bengal politician who holds Prime Minister Narendra Modi directly responsible for the Covid deaths, e from an actor criticizing Mr. Modi for holding political rallies while a deadly wave of the coronavirus raged.