In the US, the Galaxy A20 receives Android 11

In the US, the Galaxy A20 receives Android 11

Identified by PDA version A205USQU9CUG3, the new firmware release has just started rolling out stateside. Xfinity Mobile customers are the first users in the country to get it, but this development means all variants of the Galaxy A20 will follow suit in the days ahead.

Samsung started updating the Galaxy A20 to Android 11 some two months back. Today, that OS upgrade cycle is nearing international completion, having just reached the United States.


  • Either way, this is the second major OS revision to hit the 2019 device, and likely the final one. With that said, the Galaxy A20 is guaranteed to continue receiving security patches for nearly two more years. Courtesy of Samsung going above and beyond to ensure its customers remain safe even many years after purchasing their devices.

  • Downloading the newest over-the-air update will bump your One UI version from 2.5 up to 3.1. On the cybersecurity front, the new security patch level you can expect following the download will be dated July 1st, 2021. While the August 2021 patch has already been rolling out for the past few days, major OS upgrades tend to be a month behind Samsung’s latest security bulletin, so that’s pretty much par for the course.