In the midst of the summer games, Raw Fury put on a fantastic show

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We hope these new additions to the Raw Fury catalog reinforce our belief that gaming is art, and that we are committed to working on titles that deliver rich, diverse stories and compelling gameplay experiences. You can find trailers for all the recently announced titles on our YouTube page. And as an alert, we’re a long way from wrapping up revealing exclusives this year, or even this summer, as Gamescom is just around the corner, and Raw Fury has more surprises in store.

Raw Fury would like to express its gratitude for your presence throughout the last week, which has been jam-packed with news. In case you missed it, we’ve compiled a list of the most recent announcements. We’ve revealed a slew of exclusive gaming news, including the official announcement of the sci-fi horror game ROUTINE, as well as the official announcements of American futuristic arcade Moonstone Island, open world Moonstone Island, and Ereban: Shadow Legacy. In addition, new gameplay trailers for SKALD: Against the Black Priory, Cassette Beasts, and Flat Eye revealed more than fans could have hoped for. Superfuse stated that it would be entering early entry in the autumn, and Dome Keeper published a demo for this week’s Steam Next Fest.


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