In the first quarter of 2022, Apple ranked as the second most profitable smartphone provider globally

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The report shows that Apple had a 2.2% jump year-on-year. In addition, the Cupertino giant was the only OEM in the smartphone sector to register positive growth as the global smartphone market took an 8.9% dip. Chineses Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo complete the top five smartphone suppliers by volume. global-market-smartphones-apple-samsung-9to5mac. Here, it’s impressive to see how Apple competes with brands that sell a wider range of smartphones – most of them being exponentially cheaper than the iPhone counterpart. This is why another piece of research from Counterpoint Research from last month showed that Apple’s the leader in the global premium market in Q1 2022.

According to recent data, Apple was the second-most profitable smartphone seller globally in Q1 2022. With Samsung holding a 23.4 percent market share worldwide, the Cupertino business trails Samsung. According to BanklessTimes, Samsung and Apple are competing to become the top smartphone manufacturer. In Q1 2022, Samsung sold 73 million phones, while Apple sold 56 million iPhones, accounting for 23.4 percent and 18 percent, respectively, of the market.


  • The volume growth in the ultra-premium segment was driven by Apple and Samsung. The iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro together captured over two-thirds of sales volume within the ultra-premium price segment. This was driven by strong volume growth in the US, China, and Western Europe. In China, the sales in the >US$1000 price segment grew 176% YoY in Q1 2022. The segment alone captured over one-fifth of China’s smartphone market value during the quarter. Apple emerged as the biggest winner from Huawei’s decline in the premium market. The premium market in China still holds potential, and will be driven by upgrades, especially by users from Huawei’s large installed base. With the weak reception of the third-generation iPhone SE, we’ll have to wait and see how Apple will perform with the new colors of the current iPhone 13 generation and the upcoming four new models of the iPhone 14 series.


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