In Montana, Apple is testing new autonomous vehicles, according to 41NBC News

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Amazon said its launching its smart grocery carts in Massachusetts. This allows shoppers to skip the checkout line. Featured Morning Business Report Tags: amazon, apple, GameStop, Jane King, Tech Report

During test runs, Apple’s self-driving cars struggled to navigate streets, frequently ran into curbs, and frequently strayed out of lanes in the middle of junctions. The Apple self-driving car performed admirably during the Montana test, but it had trouble navigating the city streets close to the company’s headquarters in California. Following the collapse of the Elon Musk transaction, Twitter shares decline 11%.


  • Emoji lovers, get ready for some potential newcomers. According to reports from today, iOS and Android could get up to 31 new emojis next year. A goose, a shaking face, and a delicate blue heart are among the new emojis. Several new emojis are currently being considered by the Unicode Consortium for Emoji 15. Hearts, a donkey, a moose, a black bird, jelly fish, a hair pick, maracas, a flute, a folding hand fan, a pea pod, a hyacinth, a ginger, a goose, a wing, and a Khanda are some of the new options.


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