In May, AnTuTu released the lists of the best Android phones

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The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is undoubtedly the best chipset in the Android camp. Its presence means we are dealing with a flagship phone. So that’s not surprising to see the best Android phones in the category coming with the mentioned SoC. However, it is not perfect. We know that the chip uses Samsung’s 4nm process node, which has some heating issues. That’s why the newly-announced Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 replaces it with TSMC’s identical manufacturing process, which is proven to be more stable. Anyway, the first smartphones powered by this new chip are not available on the market yet. and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 still dominates in the category.

It’s no secret that the greatest hardware and software combine to make any smartphone device the best. Apple’s iPhone has long been recognised for this combination: its hardware is tailored to its software, and vice versa. Anyway, we’re going to discuss the greatest Android phones immediately. AnTuTu published a study today that details which Android devices made the top ten in three categories: flagship, sub-flagship, and mid-range. The top phones in May are featured on the lists.


  • Though the Legion Y90 combines the two solutions of Black Shark and Red Magic, coming with both SSD+UFS 3.1 combination (640GB top version only) and active air cooling, for some reason it ranked third. Well, there are also two models with the Dimensity 9000 on the list of the best Android phones. The VIVO X80 ranks fourth with an average score of 1,013,845. We guess the GPU performance of this chip falls behind the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. That’s why it appeared in the fourth place only.

  • Let’s get acquainted with the specific models that entered the top 10. Not surprisingly, the Black Shark 5 Pro ranks first with an average score of 1,048,179; the second place is the Red Magic 7 Pro under-screen camera version with an average score of 1,032,445; the third place is the Lenovo Y90 handset with an average score of 1,020,942. So as we can see, the top three are gaming phones.  Nevertheless, the Black Shark 5 Pro could win the race due to the SSD+UFS 3.1 combination. The latter greatly improves the storage capacity of the mobile phone. Therefore, the MEM performance is far ahead of the competitive models. On contrary, the Red Magic 7 Pro takes advantage of active air cooling and heat dissipation. It comes with a built-in custom small fan. Thanks to it, the CPU/GPU maintains high frequency for a longer time.


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