In March 2022, new and upcoming games will be released for PS5 and PS4

In March 2022, new and upcoming games will be released for PS5 and PS4

The gritty RPG from Square Enix, ‘Babylon’s Fall,’ is out now to experience acclaimed developer PlatinumGames’ signature combat. Beyond ‘Babylon’s Fall,’ there are several highly-anticipated video games debuting this month on the PS5 and PS4. The announcement of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Legacy came as a surprise after being post-poned a year. While the official release date has yet to be announced, gamers can pre-order the game and get a free $10 gift card, while they await.

There is always at least one new game release as a new month begins. There always appears to be a fresh and intriguing game in production with so many indie and huge franchise game creators. If you’ve been lucky enough to find a Sony PS5 or are still content with your PS4, there are a few titles coming out this month for your platform.


  • In the RPG, you play as a warrior chosen for a grand mission. The catch? Your character gains his power from a mystical Gideon Coffin attached to his back. The combat-heavy video game came to PS4 and PS5 on Thursday, March 3. The Dawn of Ragnarok DLC for ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ is filled with a ton of monster fights and extended gameplay after you finish the game. Released on March 10, gamers can now dive further into the mythos with this DLC.

  • The market for new games is always growing. Whether you prefer action-adventure games with a paranormal twist or an expansive DLC release for your comfort game, one thing is certain — there’s bound to be an upcoming PS5 or PS4 game release that’s perfect for you. From remastered games to sequels and more, ET has compiled a list of the best games launching this month on both the PS5 and PS4. Shop them below.

On March 4, ‘Gran Turismo 7’ is the 8th game in the ‘Gran Turismo’ franchise was released. Race on new courses and terrains, while enjoying accurate replicas of various different car models. Explore the Wizarding World and uncover the hidden truth of Hogwarts. The release date is to be announced, but get a free $10 gift card with your Best Buy Pre-Order ahead of its release.