In June, Core Keeper will receive a new biome

In June, Core Keeper will receive a new biome

Of course, a new biome means new enemy types. And venturing into the watery lands of the Sunken Sea will have players facing off against new types of threats. There’ll be new weapons and gear to find, too, along with new valuables and ore to be discover. And, of course, a new area means a new Titan boss to discover and take down. If you’re brave enough. The Sunken Sea’s new area will also play home to new types of fish, plants and food, further diversifying Core Keeper‘s economy and range of items on offer. There’ll be new base-building items, too, and one new legendary weapon to be discovered. So, while venturing into a new, unknown area may sound daunting, it will be more than worth it for new goodies.

Core Keeper fans may rejoice: the Early Access sandbox adventure game will get a brand-new biome next month. The Sunken Sea update will be Core Keeper’s first substantial content drop since its debut. Along with a brand new water-based area, it will also provide a completely new form of transportation: boats!


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  • Whether you’ve exhausted everything Core Keeper has to offer so far or you’re still exploring, it seems June will be an exciting time for players of the game. We can’t wait to jump into The Sunken Sea and find out what it has to offer. More information about Core Keeper‘s upcoming update will be revealed during the PC Gaming Show on 12th June. Be sure to add it to your diaries. HomeAbout UsContact UsAdvertisingReview PolicyPrivacy Notice and Cookies