In July, Netflix will release several great mobile games for Android and iOS

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Before Your Eyes promises to offer players an emotional ride in a fictional world where they must locate souls who have lived extraordinary lives and transporting them to the afterlife using the phone’s camera. It’s a much lighter take on Charon’s legend, Hades’ ferryman who carries souls of the newly deceased over the river Styx.

Netflix’s mobile gaming programme, which began as more of an experiment in the latter part of last year, is gradually becoming into a really enticing initiative. If you don’t enjoy mobile gaming, nothing Netflix adds to its rapidly expanding catalogue of games will persuade you to play. However, if you do occasionally play games on your phone and are a Netflix subscriber, you should definitely check out the new games the streaming service has launched this month.


  • All three games are already available for free for all Netflix subscribers. They can be downloaded directly from within the Netflix app if you want to try them out. PhoneArena – Phone News, Reviews and Specs. New reasons to get excited every week. Get the most important news, reviews and deals in mobile tech delivered straight to your inbox.

  • For those who love casual games, Mahjong Solitaire is here to offer that respite that we all need after a long day of hard work. With more than 300 tile-matching puzzles, this table-top game is likely to offer players hundreds of hours of entertainment. Finally, Into The Breach is the perfect game for fans of the strategy genre. One of the best indie tactical strategy games, Into The Breach has players assemble of squad of pilots and mechs, each with unique traits and abilities, and take on alien enemies in turn-based battles.

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