In Android 13, Pixel Launcher will allow you to search for widgets

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The Pixel launcher in Android 13 will let you search up widgets. There was a previous report about the search bar in the Pixel launcher. This isn’t the Google search bar on the bottom of the screen; this is the one that you get when you pull up the app drawer. Doing so will summon a search that you can use to search for content on your phone. For instance, you can look up different apps on your phone. Recently, it was discovered that you can also look up photos from Google Photos using that search bar.

In comparison to Android 12, Android 13 is shaping up to be a unique experience. We’re seeing both visual and functional changes, and that’s just based on the two developer previews we’ve received so far. The Pixel launcher in Android 13 will now be able to search for widgets thanks to a new function. There are two developer previews for Android 13 available right now, and users are already seeing a lot of changes in the platform. While there will be minor cosmetic differences, the software will have the same overall appearance and feel as Android 12. The Material You style was introduced by Google and will be carried over.


  • Right now, we’re only two developer previews in, so there are plenty of updates coming down the pipeline. For starters, the official beta for the platform will come out next month. This is early compared to previous years, as Google would usually wait until Google I/O to launch the beta. We expect May to be the month when we see the most new features added to Android 13.

  • Now, we have a tweet from Mishaal Rahman that tells us about more of the functionality. When you use the search bar in the app drawer, you’ll also be able to search up widgets. Not only that but you’ll also get Google search suggestions. When you type in a search, those items, along with the Google Photos results, will appear in a short list. Rahman saw this in the Android 13 developer preview 2. Those who have the preview may have to dig into the system and enable this feature before you can use it.


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