In a YouTube video, LG’s Rumored Rollable Phone is visible

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The LG Rollable, as we assumed it would be called, first appeared in the company’s CES press conference, which showed the phone’s display smoothly extend — but so smoothly that it could’ve been CG magic. The LG Rollable in the YouTube video surfacing today looks real, though, and the screen even looks responsive to touch commands. Other factors in the video like reflections make it even more likely that this is the real deal, as The Verge pointed out.

Before leaving the smartphone market in 2021, LG had hinted at a rollable phone; nevertheless, a new video purports to show it off. An image of an LG CEO from an unrolled LG Rollable. However, LG left the phone industry in the middle of the year, delaying the release of the LG Rollable. LG departed the smartphone industry a year ago, but the rollable phone it hinted to at CES 2021 remains a big mystery. A working version of the device may now have been spotted in the wild, according to a YouTube video.


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  • It’s tough to tell how functional this version of the LG Rollable is, meaning it could be a prototype with only a working display or a market-ready version. The short video does show us that the back of the LG Rollable has three cameras and a flash, though neither are used, nor do we see any software but the home screen. Given LG intended to release the Rollable in 2021, this could be closer to the final version of the phone.



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