In a new headphone jack commercial, Google teases Apple’s Jony Ive video design

In a new headphone jack commercial, Google teases Apple's Jony Ive video design

“Calling this perfectly-symmetrical, technological marvel, a ‘headphone jack’ may feel like an understatement… but technically, that’s what it’s called, so… fair enough,” the video description reads. “Behold! The Headphone Jack, on the Google Pixel 5a with 5G.” Google’s ad isn’t subtle with its attempt to parody the tone and voice of the classic Jony Ive design clips. There are intentional over-the-top moments, including the use of a docking space station to demonstrate the haptic feedback of a physical headphone port.

AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may receive revenue on qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner. These affiliate arrangements have no bearing on our editorial content. Google has launched a satirical commercial promoting the Pixel 5a’s headphone jack that mocks Apple, despite the fact that the functionality is missing from Google’s top Pixel handsets. The commercial, titled “The Circle Comes Full Circle,” highlights the 3.5mm headphone jack’s seeming symmetry and perfection on the recently introduced Pixel 5a with 5G. The commercial is a clear parody of Apple’s Jony Ive design films.


  • However, although Google claims that the headphone jack is a “a glorious achievement that draws from our past as it propels us into the future,” that future apparently doesn’t include its flagship smartphones. While the mid-range Google Pixel 5a with 5G features a headphone jack, Google’s Pixel 5 does not. Current rumors also suggest that the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will also lack the 3.5mm analog port. Apparently, “the future” only applies to Google’s mid-range lineup. Google is also far from being inventive here — Apple’s Jony Ive design videos are a frequent target for parody. McDonald’s satirized them back in 2017, following a similar parody on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in 2016.