In 2023, the PS4 game Cartel Tycoon will allow you to channel your inner Escobar and create a narco-state

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Bribe corrupt politicians, assassinate your rivals, and try to maintain the loyalties of your mercurial lieutenants on the path to building a true narco-state. Cartel Tycoon is just the latest in a long line of deep strategy games coming to console, like Crusader Kings 3 and Civilization VI and we are absolutely here for it. Here’s hoping that developer Moon Moose can stick the landing with the transition to a controller, as that is often the deciding factor in how strategy games are received on console.

In the strategy game Cartel Tycoon, which is categorised as a “survival business sim,” you must develop, broaden, and ultimately rule over your very own narcotics empire. Cartel Tycoon will exit early access on the PC later this month and will launch on the PS4 in 2023. To celebrate, we received an admittedly corny live-action teaser (which eventually transitions into gameplay). You play an aspirant cartel lord amid the heyday of the cocaine trade in a 1980s Latin American fantasy setting. Starting with a small farming company, you must grow it into a logistics network for distribution while defending your goods against competing cartels and the law.


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