If you want iPhone without notch, forget iPhone 12 and wait until 2022 for iPhone 14

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Apple will launch its 2020 iPhone models at the “Hi, Speed” event on October 13th. These new ones iPhone the models will likely have a 5G and 120Hz screen. You might expect at least these two features for iPhone 12 considering the buzz right now. But you may also have some hope. Hope he wants the notch on iPhone went. Well, it’s sad to tell you the dreaded notch on the iPhone it’s not going – not this time and not even next year.

A reliable tipster who follows Ice Universe Twitter he said the notch design will stand for at least another year. It will be up there iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, although Apple may make some changes. For example, the iPhone 13 may have a smaller, thinner notch, which sounds like good news but it’s just another resort until Apple finds a way to finish with the notch, forever.

It’s too early to predict anything for a phone that won’t be released until next year. But the tipster has a good track record of predicting what future devices they have in store for us. Additionally, Apple probably won’t move to go for teardrop notches or punch holes, as they’re ubiquitous in the Android world. It will stick to the notch – the trend it started and copied – until it finds a foolproof solution.

The reason it doesn’t bet on these solutions is because of the technology Apple uses for Face ID. The notch carries several sensors, in addition to the camera, to offer what it claims is the safest facial recognition method in the industry. Analysts hailed Face ID for its robust technology, but it requires different components that may not fit in, for example, a hole or teardrop notch. Huawei has managed to get around this on its flagship phone, but that solution doesn’t fix the problems. Apple won’t pick something that’s not completely feasible.

For what it’s worth, Apple’s infamous notch on the iPhone it will not disappear soon. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to make up with it or just fool Apple. Could be iPhone 14 that presumably will be launched in 2022 may not have it.

Notch or not, the iPhone 12 will have some significant processor and camera upgrades.

News Underline:

  • The iPhone 12 will likely have a notch on the display.
  • The notch may not go away next year either iPhone 13.
  • But maybe if you are lucky iPhone 14 could get rid of it.

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