ID @ Xbox Summer Game Fest Demonstration Over 30 unannounced Xbox game samples will be available from From 21 June to 27 June during the event

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Starting on June 21, the week-long Demo Event will feature over 30 playable demos of unreleased upcoming Xbox games, which will only be accessible via the Xbox Dashboard. Note that these demos are of unfinished products, unlike the normal demos you’ll find on the Demo channel, which are made after the game’s completion.

You didn’t think the E3 season was finished, did you? By no means, because Geoff Keighley isn’t finished with us yet! The third ID@Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event is an expansion of the Summer Game Fest event that was livestreamed on June 9 as part of his Summer Game Fest campaign. As part of Tuesday’s Xbox At Bethesda Gaming Showcase Extended webcast, a small but intriguing teaser video previewing several forthcoming ID@Xbox projects was shown, reminding us that the independent game culture is still thriving on Xbox.


  • What this means is that you are getting very early access to these games. It also means that the developers of the featured games would love your feedback and constructive criticism, which you’ll be able to provide via social media and the game developer’s respective websites. Here is a brief (and very incomplete) list of just some of the games that’ll be featured:


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