HyperX unveiled its first Android game controller

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HyperX, the company known for gaming accessories and peripherals like mice, headphones and keyboards, has just announced its first ever game controller for Android devices. The so-called HyperX Clutch is being showcased at CES 2022 and it will be launched on the market in March for just $50. HyperX unveils its first game controller for Android phones

Since COVID-19 stole our lives by surprise, gaming has been in the headlines quite a bit. While the entertainment business has been affected in the same way as any other production activity, it has grown significantly and will continue to develop as long as many of us remain confined to our homes. Many of us are watching more movies/TV shows and playing more games than we were before COVID-19, which is one of the reasons why the entertainment business has been booming recently. On that point, if you play mobile games as frequently (or more) as you do PC games, there’s a new device that could be able to assist you with your entertainment demands.


  • Although it does look like a Microsoft Xbox controller, the Clutch comes with an expandable grip that allows gamers to fit their phones as wide as 86mm. Since the controller doubles down as PC game controller, the grip can be detached when it’s not needed. According to HyperX, the Clutch should provide up to 19 hours on a single charge. Apart from Bluetooth support that lets you pair it with your smartphone, the Clutch also features Wi-Fi connectivity for when you plug the wireless received into your PC. The Clutch is an inexpensive gaming accessory that’s worth considering since it’s coming from a well-established brand. If you’re into both PC and mobile gaming, it’s an even better deal.


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