Hunter Biden action figure dubbed “The Swamp Prince” is offered online for $ 35

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Hunter’s infamous laptop, which purportedly carried dark material and dubious photographs of his own, is said to have inspired the figure. Only a red tie and white thong, as well as black glasses and white shoes, are worn by the 5-inch tall figure.

On a website called Swamp Prince, a controversial action figure of Hunter Biden, the second son of US President Joe Biden, is being offered for $35.


  • The action figure is also a symbol of “the Ivy League ideal of the Philosopher King and corruption as a way of life,” according to the website. The figure is said to be made of “high-quality Ukrainian oligarch resin” and is based on “genuine photographs” discovered on the internet.

  • “The Swamp Prince” is the name of the statue, which was carved and hand-painted with meticulous attention to detail. The statuette has also been dubbed the “most potent DC influence deity money can buy.”

The hand-painted Hunter Biden figurine is currently available for sale at $35 on the Swamp Prince website. It reportedly weighs around five ounces and has the basic dimensions of 7 × 4 × 3.5 inches.

How to buy the Hunter Biden action figure?

Last year, The New York Times published an article that mentioned the FBI had seized a laptop that reportedly belonged to Hunter Biden and had alleged evidence of President Biden’s meeting with one of his son’s associates from Ukraine.

Former US President Donald Trump’s team, including his lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, later claimed that then-vice president Joe Biden “shaped the US foreign policy” in Ukraine for the benefit of his son.

The article mentioned that Joe Biden met with Burisma Holdings adviser Vadym Pozharskyi during his son’s time at the board of the company. It also alleged that reports suggested that the adviser thanked Hunter Biden for “giving an opportunity” to meet his father. However, Joe Biden and his team sharply denied the rumors and said he was never involved in his son’s business activities in Ukraine. During his last presidential campaign, a spokesperson also mentioned that there is no official proof of a meeting between the two individuals.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer George Mesires also confirmed to The Washington Post that the meeting never happened in the first place. Meanwhile, the laptop’s repairman John Paul Mac Isaac reportedly called several other materials inside the laptop as “alarming” and “embarrassing.”


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