Huawei reaches 150 million HarmonyOS devices

Huawei reaches 150 million HarmonyOS devices

Yu also revealed HarmonyOS 3 Developer Preview is being released, aiming to improve in three core directions – system architecture, super terminals, and multi-device usage within the same ecosystem.

Huawei Developer Conference took place today, and the company CEO Richard Yu revealed interesting details about the company’s consumer business. According to the executive, over 150 million devices are now on HarmonyOS.


  • Huawei said a new HMS Core 6 was introduced earlier this year, but it will now be open for developers for cross-OS capabilities, meaning the engine would be beneficial for users who are used to apps that aren’t on the AppGallery but will want if they migrate to a Huawei device.

  • During the conference, Huawei revealed new flexible deployment automation tools which developers can use for different hardware to complete the OS performance. There is Ark UI 3.0 development framework that will reduce the amount of code for cross-end application of front-end development and design. DevEco Studio 3.0 improves the efficiency of cross-end application development, while the new SDK opens 6000+ TS/JS API capabilities.