How To Wear Earbuds For Best and Safest Sound?

So you bought an earbud? Which brand is it? However, it doesn’t matter how good your earbuds are if you don’t know the correct way to wear earbuds. So, the question is how to wear earbuds for the best and safest sound experience.

There are many different ways of wearing them depending on what you are doing while wearing them. For a workout, there is a different way of wearing earbuds, for listening to the music clearly there is another way.

If you want to feel the bass and smooth sound without getting disturbed by the external noise, then there is also another way. Mostly, kids should use the right way as it makes the earbuds safer for them, without harming their hearing ability.

The best kids’ earbuds and the correct way to wear them, make it the best combination for them. To improve the comfort and sound quality, these tips below are a must for your daily earbud use.

Audiologists recommend wearing earbuds in the correct way so that the sound travels directly to your eardrums. So, now you don’t have to turn up the volume (which mostly harm your hearing capacity) to enjoy it.

Let’s get to the point and start having look at those points.

How To Wear Earbuds For The Best Experience?

Ways of wearing earbuds depend on which earbud you have. If your earbud has an ear-hook then you can wear it in any way you want. But, if it doesn’t have one, then Just Keep Scrolling!

Most commonly, there are three different ways of wearing earbuds;
  • Over the ear from the back.
  • Over the ear in the front.
  • And the easiest and most popular way, straight down, but in a correct way to get the best performance out of your earbuds.

Let’s talk about them in detail, down below.

The 1st and 2nd ways are for a better hold while cycling, working out, running, or doing any kind of movement while wearing an earbud. As shown in the picture, you’ll have to wear your earbud from behind your ear. It not only helps to make your earbud more stable but also helps for a better fit and look.

Over The Ear From The Back:

how to wear earbuds in the correct way

On the side of earbuds housing, you will find the”L” speaking about sporting around the left, and “R” speaking about wearing on the right. Hear noise from Left earbud louder and treble than from the ideal earbuds.

From my experience with Sony earbuds, when you alter wearing R-earbud on the ear and L-earbud on the right, the bass will noticeably drop. Ok, you should attempt to perform some dance music tracks and will find out because it’s up to earbud’s layout audio patterns.

There is a reason why you need to use properly to the side for more information or to be certain it is not the issue of the fitting. But also the noise effects that sometimes are targeted at the particular side (L or R) through the stereo audio channels. Or listen to the song, at the first 20″ you may only hear some tones only present on the Left earbuds.

It also depends on your earbuds tips layout, most in-ear headphones are inserted to ear canals and you’ll be able to wear in ways that are different. You can twist them to avoid leaking that is sound.

If you do not adjust the earbuds by twisting, pushing, or pulling them you will find the difference. Don’t push them tight to ear canals. Wear them in the direction that you feel comfortable.

We also get some questions relating, ‘how to wear apple earbuds?’ or ‘how to wear wireless earbuds?’. First of all, if you’re trying to go to workout with your Airpods, then they are definitely going to fall off your ears. Because those are not made for workout use, they are made for normal use in daily life.

Most of the wireless earbuds have ear-hooks in them, as we said earlier, if your earbud has ear-hooks then you won’t have to worry much about earbud wearing techniques.

And if your wireless earbud does not have any ear-hooks then you must have chosen the wrong one. Choose from one of the best earbuds in the market.

How To Wear Wireless Earbuds or Airpods?

This time we are again going to answer your same question i.e., how to wear earbuds, but in a step by step guide.

Ear canals come in many different dimensions and shapes, and so there is no one-size-fits-all kind of earbud. Test different brands and designs of earbuds belonging to friends or relatives to find out what fits best in your ears.

Or, inquire staff store if you can test a couple of pairs of earbuds to determine which feel comfortable. In general, men have bigger ear canals than girls, and so will need bigger earbuds.

Set the earbuds closely in your ear canal. In order for earbuds to effectively transmit noise, they will need to be lodged in your ear canal and comparatively close to your eardrum. Giving the earbuds 2-3 twists back and forth may help lodge them.

Fitting the head of these wireless earbuds in your ear canal may even block ambient noise from entering your ears. Pull-on your earlobes to seal the earbuds in place.

Once you have an earbud loosely in each ear, then reach up and lightly tug on each earlobe with the other hand. This may open and enlarge the ear canal. While you’re tugging press the earbud further into position.

For example, to secure the earbud in your right ear, then gently tug on such earlobe with your left hand. At the same time, use the index finger of your right hand to shove on the earbud in your ear canal.

Stop Wearing Your Earbuds In The Wrong Way:

You love listening to audio on in-ear headphones, don’t you? The audio is clear and rich, they block out external annoyances, and they are super light and mobile. Therefore, I recommend them to friends when they ask me what sorts of earphones they should buy.

But just as often, those friends tell me and come back they are unsatisfied with the sound. Tinny, they say. Not enough bass. And they drop out. This is usually the point, not function.

In-ear headphones look like earbuds, but they do not work exactly the same way. They don’t hang just like a bud. They’re meant to be worn inserted into your ear.

So the tip that was squishy can produce a tight seal the walls of your ear canal with all – such as a cork in a wine bottle. If you don’t get that proper seal, the transference of sound will suffer (especially the low frequencies) and too much external noise will creep into.

You don’t just jam them in there, though. You need to seat them in your ears. Here’s a method:

Start with putting the suggestions in your ears and shoving them in a little bit. Use both hands to seal up them. For your ear, then reach up with your right hand and catch your earlobe.

Pull the lobe back a bit to expand your ear canal. Use your index finger to gently push the tip farther into your ear. Don’t push it all of the ways in, but far enough to where you feel that the seal.

Let go of your earlobe. Your ear canal returns to its regular size, and you’ll feel that the seal. Now do the same. You’ll see the sound coming from the earpieces is louder (go ahead and turn the volume down a little) and that the bass is much improved.

You’ll also notice you are fairly isolated in there. This isn’t liked by some people – it can feel claustrophobic. But the audio is more immersive when there’s less outside noise coming in. So learn to enjoy privacy.

Finding the ideal seal also requires finding the tip size. Arrive with a few different sizes of the tip, in addition to different materials such as foams and rubbers. Start with the medium size rubber tip.

Move down 1 dimension to the smaller tip, if this does not provide you a great seal and try that first. Try the size you would be amazed, but you are occasionally given the seal that is more comfortable by a tip. If the rubber tips aren’t working, try the foam assortment.

There’s a company called Comply that makes excellent foam tips for all different sorts of earbuds and in-ear headphones. If none work for you, give a shot to Comply.

We hope that our guide on, How To Wear Earbuds? helped you. For any further information, comment below.