How to save on your heating bill

How to save on your heating bill

Energy experts say many times heating your home costs two to three times more than cooling it.

Dropping temps could mean rising heating bills.


  • Gibbs said there are a few simple things you can do to save a lot of money.

  • “You’re basically having the equipment in your home work twice as hard to stay warm as it does to stay cool,” said Ana Gibbs a Duke Energy spokesperson

Some other tips include:

“If you change that thermostat by one degree you could save about 3% on your energy bill. So every degree actually counts,” said Gibbs.

Leave drapes or blinds open during sunny days to allow the sun to warm the house. Close them at night to help insulate your home.Operate ceiling fans in a clockwise direction to push warm air down into the room.Change air filters regularly. A dirty air filter makes a heating system work harder, which uses more energy.

Experts say you also need to make sure your home stays above 55 degrees during freezing temps to help prevent your pipes from freezing.