How to make your laptop last longer

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In order for laptops to function effectively, it would not be a bad idea to apply the same sensitive loving care to them as well. Abuse of a laptop reduces its lifespan and quickly causes it to function below its potential. The main factors that reduce a laptop’s lifespan are heat and dust buildup, disregard for warning signals, liquid spills, and negligent handling, among others.


  • Essang states, “Continuous usage of laptops when low and after giving the battery low signal would damage the battery quickly.” Using a particular laptop to run too many processes not designed for it would lead to an imminent crash and damage. There are different laptops equipped with higher operating systems, for higher tasks.

  • In his view on the matter, an Information Technology consultant and computer engineer, Etim Essang, highlights some ways to elongate laptop’s life. The laptop’s battery is the powerhouse; from it flows the “juice” to muscle its activities. When the battery is fully charged, it is advisable to unplug the charger. Prolonged charging would gradually affect and reduce the duration of the battery life.

Browsing unsecured sites expose a laptop to all kinds of malware that can damage the operating system and drain the battery. It is advisable to avoid unprotected sites and refrain from continuing on sites the web browser detected as insecure. With the increasing rate of cybercrime, investing in good security suites to combat viruses, malware and intrusions are necessary. Treating with care should be the first thought when handling a laptop. Constant spilling and hitting against objects would quickly affect several fragile components of the laptop.

The computer engineer added, “When heavy-duty processes like graphic design, animation, video editing, architectural designs, among others are carried out on laptops meant for day-to-day official tasks, it can damage the processor, Random Access Memory and battery life. It also reduces the capacity, speed and eventually, the lifespan of the laptop.”


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