How to check how much money you have spent on Fortnite

How to check how much money you have spent on Fortnite

Fortnite doesn’t have a system in place to let players check how much they spent on the game, but players can still check out their purchase history. Players can check out their purchase history by logging into their account on Epic Games’ official website and heading over to their account settings. The purchase history shows all the in-game transactions that a player has ever made, and you can do the math to find your total spendings on Fortnite.

Your V-Buck purchases can add up rather quickly over the years, however, even if you’re careful with how much you spend on online goods. Most games like League of Legends allow their players to check how much they’ve spent on their favorite game which can both be used as a flex, or a wake up call in the most dire cases.


  • If you don’t like the end result of your V-Bucks, Fortnite is essentially a free-to-play game and you continue enjoying it without spending a dime on it. Players who’d like to continue enlarging their cosmetics collections can do so by only purchasing the battle pass once and maxing its level every season. With the V-Bucks rewards featured in the battle pass, it starts paying for itself, allowing players to accumulate more amazing skins over time.

  • If you have pages of purchases and don’t want to add them up by yourself, has its own solution. Players can log into and check the My Locker section to see how much they’ve spent on Fortnite. You’ll need to create a account and manually add all the skins in your locker for the price estimation. This isn’t much of a faster alternative, but instead of dealing with spreadsheets, you’ll be checking your locker and admiring your collection of cosmetics.