How to achieve personal and business goals at real estate events – RISMedia

How to achieve personal and business goals at real estate events - RISMedia

Bring a friend. Do you have a close friend or relative who has expressed interest in becoming involved in the real estate industry? Conferences and conventions have long been associated with implied pressure to connect with new people. You can ease some of these anxieties by bringing along someone close to you. Ideally, you’ll split up at the event, and can swap the contacts each of you made when you meet back up.

By laying out your goals, your business goals will follow naturally. This isn’t to say you should avoid attending all industry events; instead, consider bringing along a friend or hosting your own party! Below are some ideas to help you feel gratification while you work toward advancing your career:


  • Open up. At industry events, it’s easy to fall into a trap of being strictly about business. You may simply be too focused on making the right impression. However, you want to avoid coming off as boring—or worse, that you’re just talking to these people to advance your business goals. By opening up and sharing a bit about yourself, you can make new connections organically.

  • Throw a party. This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to make new connections. If you’re able to safely host an event, invite a dozen or so friends and ask them to extend the invite to another friend of theirs. Be sure to introduce yourself to new faces.

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If you’re an agent, you’re likely an interesting and outgoing person, and the suggestions listed above won’t be too difficult for you—if you’re not doing them already.