How COVID-19 Affects Pikesville’s Snowplow Business

How COVID-19 Affects Pikesville's Snowplow Business

As many prepare to deal with the winter weather, some people who help keep the roads and sidewalks safe are dealing with another storm — COVID-19.



  • “It’s crazy. We’ve had storm after storm and here it is again. So, we’re ready,” Pensak said.

  • WBAL-TV 11 News spoke with Jonathan Pensak, owner of TLK Landscaping. He said the snow isn’t the issue for him it’s COVID-19.

And when a nasty storm makes its way to the area, Pensak says: “The salt spreaders get loaded up, they get turned on. Plow trucks get hooked up to make sure they are working; we do an inspection of trucks and equipment to make sure everything is working.”

Ready might be an understatement for Pensak and the team at TLK Landscaping. He has owned the business in Pikesville since he was 11-years-old.

But lately, he has faced another storm.

“COVID has definitely been a storm but we’re doing just like everyone else to stay afloat and keep things moving,” Pensak said.

One issue Pensak said he ran into because of COVID-19 is supply chain issues with salt and ice melt. That’s why he said, he’s stocked up on it. Another COVID-19 issue Pensak faced was the labor shortage.

“As far as employees go, we’ve had difficulties with employees coming. They have walked through our doors then got sick,” he said. “We’ve had people walk through and ultimately, it didn’t work for them.” But Pensak said they have added almost half a dozen new clients in the past few months and was able to purchase new equipment, including three new trucks.

“It’s humbling and exciting all at the same time,” he said. Whether it is COVID-19 or snow, Pensak said he and his team will be there.

Pensak and his team plan to be out plowing Saturday. “That is what snow removal is about. To be there when needed. Keep monitoring and to safely get the snow and ice under control and prevent slip and falls,” he said.