Horse racing: Irish coach Elliott banned for photos of dead horses

(Reuters) – Irish trainer Gordon Elliott was banned for 12 months, six of which were suspended, on Friday after a photograph circulated of him sitting astride a dead horse.

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB) said in a ruling that the photograph posted on social media last weekend had shown “the most appalling bad taste on the part of Mr. Elliott.

“He shows a total lack of respect for the horse at a time when he still remains under his responsibility,” he added, emphasizing the coach’s “jovial behavior and gestures”.

The IHRB also indicated, however, that there was a “sinister aspect” to the case, referring to a “concerted attack” against Elliott, “whose full circumstances are unknown”.

The sanction will begin on March 9, and Elliott said in a statement that he accepted the situation and was treated fairly.

“I am in this situation by my own action and I have no intention of dodging from this, “he said.” With my position in sport I have great privileges and great responsibilities. I have not lived up to that responsibility.

“I am paying a very high price for my mistake, but I have no complaints. It breaks my heart to see …

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