Honor 50 is reported to be launched in May

Honor 50 is reported to be launched in May

Tech News: Honor 50 is reported to be launched in May.

Recently released from Huawei, Honor is now in the process of launching another phone and the latest inside information we have found suggests that that phone will be the Honor 50 and that it will be launched in May. This is according to sources speaking to GSMArena, who claim that there will be no global Honor 40 model after the release of the Honor View 40 in China, as would normally be the case. Instead, it will be the Honor 50.

GSMArena also got their hands on some pictures of the phone and it looks like the Honor 50 will use large rear cameras similar to the ones we’ve seen for the Huawei P50 according to rumors. Perhaps not surprising, given how recently the two companies have split up.

What is still unclear is whether or not the Honor 50 will come with Google app support and access to the Google Play Store. It’s an issue that Huawei is currently struggling with and was one of the reasons for the split from Honor. Among the new leaked images is a sketch showing some sort of lens attachment for the rear camera. It is possible that this is used to add additional functionality to the main snapper, perhaps the ultra wide angle or optical zoom.

It was in April last year that we saw the Honor 30 appear, and if the latest rumors are correct, the Honor 50 will appear a little over a year later, skipping the Honor 40. We haven’t heard many rumors about the Honor. 40, which could be further proof that the device will never arrive.

That said, we haven’t heard a lot of rumors about the Honor 50 yet, although it might be understandable as we weren’t expecting that until next year. Everything should be revealed before May arrives.

Honor has traditionally focused on the cheaper segment of the smartphone market, and its devices usually impress when it comes to value for money. On the software side, the company hopes to regain access to Google’s apps.