Hokko Life, a game similar to Animal Crossing, will launch on PS4, Switch and Xbox One

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Physical editions of Hokko Life will also be available at launch for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Hokko Life has been available on Windows PC through Steam Early Access since June 2021, where it has a “mostly positive” user rating. HOW WILL WE SOLVE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES OF THE FUTURE?. We believe the answer to some of the world’s biggest challenges lies in …

This fall, the cosy Animal Crossing-style community living sim Hokko Life will be available on consoles. The game will depart Steam Early Access and launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 27 in addition to its previously scheduled PC launch, according to Tuesday’s announcement from developer Wonderscope and publisher Team17. With its pastel colour scheme and anthropomorphic animal neighbours, the game is eerily similar to Nintendo’s aforementioned social sim game. However, what really sets Hokko Life apart is its focus on customisation. Through the game’s workshop, players have the freedom to modify and rearrange their furniture as they choose. They can also share their creations with other players all over the world.


  • Wow, you weren’t kidding. This is almost completely aping the art style of Animal Crossing. If you’d posted an image of fishing I would have thought it was from Animal Crossing if I didn’t notice the art style for the main character is slightly different. My big question, if there is a review planned, is how interesting are the NPCs? The villagers were what really let me down about Animal Crossing, as they just had nothing going on, no character, no soul, no story. Steam reviews for this seem to have some of the same problems.

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