Hillary Clinton to release thriller set in aftermath of US political turmoil | Books

Hillary Clinton is teaming with award-winning thriller author Louise Penny to write an “international political thriller” in which a secretary of state joins the administration of “a president inaugurated after four years of shrinking American leadership. from the world stage “.

Axios reported Tuesday morning that Clinton and Penny, who are friends, had signed a deal with Simon & Schuster and St Martin’s Press to publish State of Terror in October. It will see a female “fledgling secretary of state” start working for the president, who was once his rival. The terrorist attacks then throw “global order into chaos and the secretary is tasked with putting together a team to unravel the deadly conspiracy,” Axios said.

In a statement, Clinton described writing with Penny as “a dream come true”.

“I enjoyed all of his books and characters as well as his friendship. We are now combining our experiences to explore the complex world of diplomacy and high-risk betrayal. Not everything is as it first appears, “he said.

Clinton is not her family’s first thriller writer: her husband, former President Bill Clinton, wrote two thrillers with …

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