Hidden feature of the MacBook Pro, urgent Apple Payment notice, huge problems with the iPhone 13

Hidden feature of the MacBook Pro, urgent Apple Payment notice, huge problems with the iPhone 13

Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the many discussions that have been going on around Apple over the past seven days (and you can read my weekly recap of Android news here on Forbes).

If we look back on another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop has a myriad of iPhone 13 issues, iPhone 14 detail leaks, iPhone 13 secrets, iPad Mini issues, more MacBook Pro performance, none Screen more for the iPad Air, Apple apps finally reviewed, and Brazil fines Apple.


  • With Apple’s new iPhones on sale now, a myriad of issues in both hardware and software come to light as consumers use their new smartphones. Many of the issues, especially those with the new iOS 1

  • An avalanche of iPhone 13 problems

To highlight one example, the removal of Siri’s recognition of many voice commands has had a devastating impact on those who rely on them (including users who are blind or visually impaired):

iPhone 13 owners are particularly hard hit, reporting a myriad of issues including camera errors, no waking up, unresponsive screens, issues with core apps, and broken accessories. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as iPhones of all ages are now “moved into that dumpster fire.”

“My sister is blind and Siri would respond to voice commands, ie read my text messages, call Barbara, answer questions about the weather and, most importantly, tell my sister who called her. To this day Siri’s answer is:” I can’t help with that “” . Has the system changed? Is there something on the iPhone that needs to be activated so Siri can help my sister know who has called her in the past?

Apple Pay warning

One of the biggest security horrors this week was discovered and demonstrated by a number of security researchers in the UK. As part of Apple Pay, it leverages a feature in Visa’s contactless system that could allow an attacker to force the handset to automatically approve a payment. “‘Express Transit’ is an Apple Pay feature that enables commuters to make quick contactless payments without unlocking their phones, a feature that researchers from the computer science departments of the Universities of Birmingham and Surrey found how to attack.”

This attack is not believed to have been used in the wild or would be practical: “Apple told the BBC,” We take any threat to user security very seriously. This is a problem with a Visa system, but Visa does not believe that this type of fraud is likely in the real world because of the multiple layers of security. “

Next year for the next generation Apple’s incremental updates to the iPhone 12 mean the new handset feels more like an iPhone 12S rather than an iPhone 13. Lots of new features were expected – especially those already available on Android competitors – so where are they? Intended for the iPhone 14 family, that’s where. And it’s a family that will deal with a size issue:

As was customary, after the handsets were sold, the iFixit team was able to get their hands on a retail model to begin the full breakdown (and presumably a rebuild of the latest technology to see how repairable it is and what’s going on .) awkward and how much hardware lock-in there is. The iPhone 13 Pro didn’t disappoint. Independent workshops have another hurdle to overcome: “With the display assembly now independent of the Face ID hardware, you might think that replacing the display and Face ID is now easier than ever! To the right? Well, hit the brakes, boy. Face ID works even if we have disconnected the front sensor unit. However, every display replacement constitutes Face ID. We tried transferring the sensors from the old display and porting them over the Face ID hardware, but no cubes. It looks like the display is serially connected to the phone. “

Secrets of the iPhone 13 Pro “Despite a large fan base, the iPhone 12 Mini sold poorly and the new iPhone 13 Mini is expected to be Apple’s last truly one-handed iPhone 14 Max – a more budget-friendly version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. From a product perspective, the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max also make more sense. “